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About Me

Welcome to Coleman's Vineyard - Est. 1979

Randy 2014 Hi, I’m Randy Coleman, owner of Coleman’s Vineyard. Glad you’re here. I would like to start by giving you a little history of the vineyard.

In 1975, a Georgia Cracker and a Florida Seminole went to a local vineyard to enjoy a Saturday afternoon, “get to know the area”, dragging me alone. We ate so many grapes, “shoo!” That was it; my Dad was hooked – "hook, line, and sinker!"

My Dad asked questions, learned things, and we went there a lot. I loved it, couldn't wait to go again.

About a week later I had to help dig and measure out all the poles and string all the cables. If you look at the pictures on my site and see how big the vineyard is, you will see that this was a lot of work. Then one day the UPS man came and brought 300 grapevines. So we planted those vines and now we have Coleman’s Vineyard.

I will have to admit that after dragging a hose around for four weeks, I was beginning to hate grapes. But then we got the irrigation system and I was very happy again. If you want to know how to install an irrigation system, send me an email and I will see if I can help you get started.

Five years later, when it was time to open, customers came from everywhere. They loved the grapes and we met so many people. My Dad always got to know all of his customers; I will always carry that with me and try to keep that tradition going. Every year those customers would return and bring more folk with them. We’ve even had PBS, Channel 5, come out one year and do a show on Muscadine Grapes.

Anyway, Welcome to my website; please, come on out to Coleman’s Vineyard, meet people, and have a blast!

This is what we do..."Pick and Grin!"

ScalesColeman’s Vineyard is a U-Pick Vineyard. Just come out with your family, friends, or whomever you’d like; just grab a bucket, go wherever you like, and pick whatever grapes you like. Feel free to pop a couple in your mouth while you’re picking, we only weigh the bucket!

When you’re all finished picking, bring your bucket up to the grape shed to be weighed.

If you pick, we charge $1.25 a pound. We can pick them for you, for a $1.50 a pound.

We also offer you the choice to call ahead and place an order. Let us know how much you want, what variety of grapes, and when you need to pick them up; we will have the order ready when you arrive. Please go to my contact page for our contact information.