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The Best Way To Find Us:

This is an overview of the property along with some pictures that may help you identify and locate the vineyard. Just click on "directions" and type in your location. This will give you more precise directions to the vineyard.


As you can see from this overview (above), Coleman Ln is off of 41/441. The Vineyard is located approximately one and a half miles North of the Santa Fe River Bridge (Alachua-Columbia county line) and approximately one and a half miles South of Oleano State Park.

This sign is located out on 41/441. Turn there to get on SE Coleman Ln.







Once you turn down SE Coleman Ln, off 41/441, you don't even go a quarter mile, you will see our Grape Shack and the Vineyard. Continue on up to the grape shack and grab yourself a bucket.




And finally, we have the front view of the Grape Shack...